Joseph Mayseder

 Violonist, composer and teacher

1789 - 1863


JOSEPH MAYSEDER was born in Vienna in 1789,

began playing the violin at the age of 8 and gave his first concert there at the age of 10.
From 1810 he was concertmaster of the Hofoper Orchestra, from 1816 violin soloist of the Vienna Hofmusikkapelle and from 1836 its conductor.

In 1835 he was appointed imperial chamber virtuoso.

He was considered an important quartet player and was also a teacher and composer for his instrument.
As a teacher he was the founder of the so-called Viennese violin school.

Niccolo Paganini spoke of him with great respect.
One of his students was Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst.

In the 19th century his compositions were played by artists such as Henri Vieuxtemps,
H.W.Ernst, Franz Liszt and many others worldwide.

Mayseder died in 1863, his grave of honour is located at the Vienna Central Cemetery.