preselection - videotape (uncut)

● 1 virtuoso piece of free choice, e.g.

- Bizet - Carmen Fantasie (Waxman)

- H. W. Ernst - Othello Fantasy op.11

- C. Saint Saens Introduction and Rondo capriccioso op.28

- N. Paganini “I palpiti” / “La Streghe” etc.


● 2 movements (one fast and one slow) from a

sonata of your choice

e.g. L. v. Beethoven, J. Brahms, E. Grieg, S. Prokofieff etc.


● J. Mayseder: one of the following compositions

of free choice:

- Polonaise No. 6 in A Major op. 38

- Variations in F Major op.25

- Variations in A Major op. 16 „I palpiti“

- Polonaise No. 5 in F Major op.19

- Polonaise No. 1 A-Major op.10

● And one of the following violin concertos:

- L. v. Beethoven D Major op.61

- Paganini No. 1 D Major op.6 / No. 2 B minor / No. 4 D minor

- L. Spohr No. 8 A minor op.47 “in Form einer Gesangsszene”

- H. Vieuxtemps No. 5 A minor op.38

(in the concertos of Beethoven and Paganini only the 1st

movement with cadenza)


● J. Mayseder “Variations brillantes” op.40

● and a work from the following specified:

- L. v. Beethoven Sonata

op.12 No. 1 in D Major / op.12 No. 3 in E flat Major

op.30 No. 2 in C minor / op.96 in G Major

- F. Schubert

Sonata in A major D 574

Fantasy in C major op.159 D 934

Variations on „Dry Flowers“ op.160 D 802

- J. Mayseder Duo

op.30 No. 1 in G major / op.32 No. 2 in E major

THIRD ROUND: with orchestra

● One of the three violin concertos by J. Mayseder:

- No. 1 in A minor op.22

- No. 2 in E minor op.26

- No. 3 in D Major op.28